How to Sell on Instagram Without a Website in 2024? A Comprehensive Guide

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Do you want to start a new online business but don’t know how to start? Do you want to sell your stuff online but don’t know how to manage a Website?

Well, don’t worry Instagram is a platform which can help you to sell your products online without managing a website. It’s a social media platform with billions of users around the globe.

In this complete comprehensive step by step guide, we have managed to provide every information you need to start a business online on Instagram.

Is it Possible to Sell on Instagram Without a Website?

Yes, you can sell your products on Instagram without having your own website. But there are some rules and regulations you must follow, e.g., you must not label your products with brand names, which can cause user ambiguity.

And to use an Instagram shop you may require a website as you can read the Commerce Eligibility Requirements of Instagram. In spite of that, you can post your products on your Instagram profile directly and add a payment link in your Instagram bio for your customers.

Now look at the step by step guide to sell online on Instagram without having a Website.

How to Sell on Instagram Without a Website?

Instagram is a place where you can sell every type of product online without any fee. It’s a platform used by billions around the world without the restrictions of age and ethnicity.

The main thing is how you market your products. And in this guide we’ll help you to set an Instagram Shop without owning a Website.

If your nature of business is related to content creators then you must consider being present on Snapchat. So check out what Premium Snapchat is.

Just select what you want to sell and follow these steps to enter in the online world of e-commerce without a website.

Switch to a Business Account

Instagram offers three types of profiles, one is for personal use and second is for business and third one is for content creators. So, as you want to set up a business on Instagram you need to switch your personal profile into Business.

Because this business profile offers a wide range of features and tools to check your performance and also helps you to reach maximum people. It also helps you to make your profile look more professional and authentic.

To change your profile to business, go to your Profile bar > Click on three lines on the Top Right Corner > Clicks on Settings and privacy > Scroll down and look for Account type and tools and click on it > then click on Switch to Professional Account.

Now add the required details and set up your business profile. You can add contact details of your business to help your customers contact you easily.

Configurations and Settings of Account

Now make sure to build a professional looking business profile which appeals to your customers.

These are some steps which will help you to make your account look more authentic and trustworthy for your customers.

  • Upload a clean and professional profile picture.
  • Create an effective and clear bio, showing a snapshot of your brand.
  • Highlight happy customers or showcase product reviews for authenticity.
  • Organize your products with Instagram Highlights for easy navigation.

How to Accept Orders From Customers on Instagram?

Now your account has been set up and configured wisely, and you’re ready to list your products for customers.

But maybe you’re thinking of how you would accept the orders on Instagram? Don’t worry we have also provided you with multiple ways to do that. In this following list you can choose any option to accept orders based on your personal preference:

Accept Orders Personally: You can accept orders directly through Instagram DM (direct message) from your customers or can provide your WhatsApp/Mobile Number to place orders. In this way you can get in touch with your customers personally and can assist them with more in depth details and can also inform them with new arrivals from time to time.

Before processing orders, make sure of advance payments from customers through bank or wallet transfers.

Payment Link in Instagram Bio: Add a Payment Link into your Instagram bio to simplify the buying process. And ask your customers to make payments for their chosen products with ease.

An Order Form for More Ease: If you want more ease in your life and don’t want to handle everything personally, you can add an order form and redirect your customers to make payments and place orders.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to make sales online on Instagram without having a Website.

How to Grow Your Business on Instagram?

Now you have made your Business Instagram Profile, configured it and maintained it properly. Now the question is how you will grow your profile and sellings on Instagram?

Remember, ecommerce or online business is not an overnight success. It’s an ongoing process which grows with your consistency and quality. Consistent branding and engaging with the customers makes your online business grow faster.

Here are some tips from the experienced personals to get succeed on Instagram:

  • Related Content Sharing: Regularly post reels, images, videos, and stories to keep your audience engaged and interested.
  • Instagram Threads: Explore Instagram Threads, a valuable tool for ecommerce discussions, and stay connected with your audience.
  • Use Hashtags: Boost your reach by using relevant hashtags that align with your brand and products.
  • Engaging Campaigns: Run engaging campaigns, such as giveaways, to keep your audience excited and involved.
  • Live Interaction: Connect with your customers through live sessions, to make a real-time bond.
  • Customer Engagement: Respond to your customer messages and comments, to show that you value their input.
  • Highlight Positive Feedback: Share your customer feedback and actively engage with brand mentions to build credibility.


Yes! Even if you don’t have a business account, you can still show and sell your stuff using a regular account. But, having a business account gives you helpful information and tools to succeed.

Yes, a professional profile picture enhances your brand identity. Choose a clear and relevant image that represents your business.

Talk to your customers quickly using direct messages. Encourage them to reach out personally for a more customized shopping experience.

Yes! You can switch to a business account at any time through your account settings.

You can sell things without a website, but having one gives you more benefits. It makes your business look more trustworthy, and it’s a handy place to manage everything.


All you need to start selling online is to make a business account on Instagram and learn how to use it well. Follow this guide on selling without a website.

If your business does well, you can think about making your own online store later. Doing well in online sales means being steady and always giving your customers something good.

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