Instagram Business Account – Account Set Up and Benefits

Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account is a powerful tool for businesses and brands to help them promote their products and services to reach out to maximum people around the globe. As there are almost over 2 billion active users on Instagram monthly.

And with this huge traffic and all the other features, controls and analytics panel, Instagram Business Account is free for everyone.

Now you might be thinking, how you can be benefited and how you can make an Instagram Business Account? Then don’t worry we have covered everything for you. By the end of this article you’ll find how you can make an Instagram Business Account and what are the benefits of this account.

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account?

When you make an account on Instagram you automatically signed up as Personal Account and after making and setting up your account you can easily switch your Personal Account into Business Account and here it’s how you can make this switch:

  1. Go to your Profile Bar.
  2. Click three lines on the Top Right Corner.
  3. Scroll down and look for Account type and tools and click on it.
  4. Click on Switch to Professional Account.
  5. Now you’ll see a Window saying Get Professional Tools and at the bottom you’ll find a button of “Continue” click on it and the same for the next 3 Windows.
  6. Select “What describes you best” in the given options. You can also select whether you want to show this on your profile or not.
  7. After that you’ll see a window asking “Are you a Creator?” And which account do you want to switch to? “Creator” or “Business”.
  8. Select Business and Click on Next at the bottom.
  9. Now add your Business Information here and click on Next at the bottom. You can also select whether you want to display this information or not.
  10. Click on the next button and you’ll see a window saying “Connect your Facebook Page”. If you have a Facebook page then simply connect it with that page or if you don’t have any then simply create it.
    But it’s also fine if you don’t have or don’t want to connect to a Facebook page. Simply click on the “Don’t connect a Facebook page now” and move on to the next.
  11. After clicking on Next a window pops up “Set up Your Professional Account.”

Here you will find your Professional Tools to set up:

  • Get Inspired: This Prompt will show what other businesses are doing, sharing or how they’re showcasing their products and services.
  • Grow Your Audience: This Prompt will provide you with a link to your account to share with your friends to invite them to follow you.
  • Showcase your brand: This Prompt will open up your camera to make your first reel or to share your first post. You can Simply ignore it if you don’t want to share anything for now.
  • Explore Tools and Insights: In this Prompt you’ll see a bunch of options related to your account insights, Ads, Activity Status, and Frequently Asked Questions. You can visit them one by one or can also simply click on the top right corner and visit them later.
  • Tell us your goals: In this prompt you’ll be redirected to some options to choose. Answer them according to your business needs.
  • Complete Your Profile: In this window you need to add your Business Name, Username, your Bio, and business website link. You’ll see an option here “Show Threads badge”. This is a button to show your Threads account on your profile. You can keep it on or off.

Now your Instagram Business Account is ready.

If you want to make a business account then you must read how Instagram Broadcast Channels work.

Why Choose an Instagram Business Profile?

Well mostly people make an Instagram Business Profile by just listening to others but don’t really know what benefits they can get or can achieve from its features. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know why you must choose this Business Profile for your business and what benefits you can get without spending any penny.

Post Scheduling

As a business owner or a content creator your time is very important and there are chances that you might forget to post on Instagram on time and this may affect your reach. But with Instagram Business Profile you can easily schedule your posts while using Creator Studio.

The other plus point of a business profile is you can also integrate a third party application in your business profile to help you schedule your posts and this option is not available in the other two profiles “Creator and Personal” of Instagram.

Insights and Analytics

Instagram Business Account allows you to access its insights features which helps you to understand your content reach, views, interactions, impressions, profile visits, your audience engagements with your content, and their demographic information.

With the help of these analytics and information you can easily transform your content according to your audience and business needs.

If you need some more in depth insights you can also use some third party apps which definitely allows you to access more information and deep down analysis of your account users to make your content more appealing to them.

Instagram Shop Features

If you’re in a business of sales and want to sell more products online then Instagram Shop is for you. With Instagram Shop features you can easily upload your product catalog, tag them, and you can even sell them directly in the Instagram App.

You can create collections of your products like your new arrivals, winter and summer collections. You can also link your Reels with your Shoppable Links and can also share your brand affiliations to influencers on a commission to sell your products and your shop insights will also there side by side your account insights.

Product Promotions

If you’re using an Instagram Business Account and also an Instagram Shop with it then it’s very easy for you to be in control of your products tagging. Meaning you can control who can tag your products, it’s in your hands that to whom you want to give permission and to whom not.

Once you give permission to a creator to tag your Product then they’ll allow you to promote their content feed posts as ads so their content reaches maximum people and so your products.

This is a win-win marketing strategy because people trust people over brands. But first you need to find a creator who really loves your products and is also loved by people to make it in organic marketing.

Business Account Vs Personal Account Vs Creator Account

Here is a chart with complete features that each account has. It’s for you to easily understand what you get with each type of Instagram Account. And If you want to know more about Instagram Creator Account you can simply check.

Business Account Vs Personal Account Vs Creator Account

How to Switch Back to a Personal Account on Instagram?

If you want to switch back your business/creator account to personal then simply go to your Settings (from the top right corner in your profile), scroll down and search for Business tools and controls.

Now click on it, again scroll down and look for Switch Account Type, click on it and a window will pop up with two options: “Switch to Personal Account” and “Switch to Creator Account”. You can easily change your account type here.

If you want to delete your Account then keep it in mind that it’ll delete all your data (Photos, Videos and all the other stuff) and this can’t be undone. So if you don’t want to do this and also want a break from Instagram then you can easily temporarily deactivate your account.

But if you still want to delete it and are sure about it then you can do it from here.


A personal Instagram account is used for engaging with friends or to expand your social life, but a business account is especially designed for businesses and brands. Because Business accounts come with some additional features such as analytics, and advertising tools.

Yes, you can easily switch your personal Instagram accounts to a business account from the settings.

No, Instagram Business Accounts are free to use. But, you may need to invest in Instagram promotional activities.

No, Instagram Shopping is only available to business accounts. If you want to tag products in your posts and enable shopping features, you’ll need to switch to a business account.

Instagram Insights provides valuable metrics to help you measure the stats of your account. You can easily check the impressions, reach, engagement, and follower demographics from your Insights panel.


Instagram Business Account is a powerful tool with amazing features that can help you to reach maximum people as Instagram is a globely used platform.

It helps you to engage with your customers directly and let you know what your audience likes and how they engage with your content with the analytics and insights to make you amend your content to engage your audience more perfectly.

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