What does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become a very popular place for buying and selling in local communities nowadays. Facebook makes it very easy for people to look for things they need and also to sell the items they don’t need.

But while looking for an item on Facebook Marketplace you might interact with the term “Pending” on some listings. And you may wonder, what does pending mean here?

Well, Facebook allows its Marketplace sellers to mark their listing as sold, pending, or available to let the buyer know the status of that particular item he/she is seeing.

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Brief Explanation

The term Pending on Facebook Marketplace means that, when a buyer responds to the seller and initiates the payment from his/her end, the seller marks that particular item as “Pending” to let other buyers know that it’s sold but in an ongoing process.

However, another buyer can also reach out to the seller for that particular item and if the seller doesn’t receive the payment from the first buyer in their promised scheduled time, then you can be on the second spot in the buyer list.

If you’re still unsure of what it really means or how you can mark your listings with various options on Marketplace, then don’t worry we have described everything in detail for you.

How to post on Facebook Marketplace?

While listing your items on Marketplace, you might see a lot of options to mark or to set for potential buyers to guide them or to let them know the small details which they may need to buy the item.

While listing your item you may need to describe these things:

  1. Condition: You need to describe your item as “new”, “used”, or “repaired”.
  2. Category: You need to choose the category of your item for example: electronics, clothing, furniture, etc.
  3. Price: You need to set your price or can select the option of “Make an Offer” to get a quote from buyers.
  4. Location: You need to set the location where you’re situated or from where the buyer can get the item.
  5. Delivery Method: It’s on you whether you want the buyer to pick up the item or you can deliver it.
  6. Description: In the description you can put all the details related to your item for example: why are you selling it?, condition of the item, minor scratches or anything else the item (if) contains.

What are the Marking Options on Facebook Marketplace?

After listing your products there are three options that you need to update to let the buyers know whether your item is still available for sale or not.

Marked as Sold: When you have sold your item and the buyer is satisfied with that, then you can mark your item as sold. With this mark, your item will not be shown in the marketplace.

And all the other buyers who showed interest in your particular sold item, will be notified that this item is sold. Then you can archive your conversation related to that sold item.

Marked as Pending: After your conversation with a potential buyer who has agreed to buy your listing item, you can mark your item as Pending. So the other potential customers get to know that the transaction is in the process for this particular item.

Marked as Available: On Facebook Marketplace any item can be marked as “available” again. For example you have sold an item and marked it sold but if the buyer didn’t show up and wants the refund then you can mark your item as available again.

Likewise if you marked your item as “pending” but the transaction didn’t go through and that customer isn’t responding then you can mark your listing available again and this way other potential buyers will also be notified about it.

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What does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Pending on the Facebook Marketplace means that the seller has agreed with a buyer to sell his/her item and the transaction from the buyer is still in the process.

This way all the other buyers who want to buy that particular item will be notified that this item is sold and marked as pending while all the other users will see this listing as in Pending mode.

Now you might think, how to mark your listing as pending or sold. Then don’t worry it’s an easy process.

On Desktop or Laptop

Open your Facebook account, go to the Marketplace tab, on the left hand side click on Selling, then Click on Your Listings, Locate Your Target Listing, click on Three Dot Button of Your desired listing and click on Mark as Pending.

On Mobile

Open your Facebook App, Go to the Marketplace tab, on the top right corner you’ll see Man like toggle, click on that and under Selling section You’ll find Your Listings, click on this and locate your desired listing, click on the three dots of the listing, then click on the Mark as Pending option.

This way you can mark your listings as per your need. If your listing is sold you can mark as sold or if the transaction is still in the process then you can mark it as pending and also mark the listing available again if the pending listing doesn’t get sold.


When it says “Pending Review,” it means that Facebook is checking to make sure everything in your post follows the rules. In this way Facebook keeps the marketplace safe and fair for everyone.

It depends on which time you have posted your listing on the marketplace. As on weekdays it usually takes 10 to 12 hours or sometimes faster and for the listings posting on weekends may take some more time.

If it says Pending Payment, it’s just checking if the details are right or not. Just double check your payment details and wait for it to finish. And talk with the person you’re dealing with to avoid any issues.

If it’s showing Pending Pickup, then you might be able to stop it. Talk with the person you’re dealing with and decide if he/she wants to change or cancel the deal. And if he/she doesn’t respond, then you can mark your listing as “Available” again.

Pending Sale on the marketplace means that the seller has accepted an offer from a potential buyer but the deal hasn’t closed yet and they’re still communicating.


Facebook Marketplace gives a lot of options to sellers to list their products. For example, they can categorize their products, describe their listings, and mark them with different tags so that the potential buyer can understand easily about the product and the seller’s demands.

In this guide we didn’t just describe what pending means on Facebook marketplace but we have also guided you with how you can list your products and how you can change different tags on your listings.

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